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Please note: After you purchase, give us a call and we'll schedule the time for your facial that works best for you! 
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Location: Woodbury, NY (Woodbury Commons shopping center)



What is a facial like?
Every facial begins first with a skin consultation followed by a skin analysis. Once we have customized a facial made just for you, our esthetician will lead you into a room where you will lie back comfortably on a bed. In our background you will hear relaxing music and smell one of our calming essential oils from 21 drops. The esthetician will begin by cleansing your face followed by steps customized just for you!

What do facials do?
Facials aid in blood circulation. It also helps relax facial muscles which can slow the onset of wrinkles, decreased puffiness, sagging in the face, skin renewal and other skin issues such as acne and pigmentation. It is also a great stress reliever and puts you in a better mood!

Who should get a facial
Anyone can benefit from a facial! Facials with the proper skincare are great to prevent, correct and maintain any skin issues that are troubling you!

What makes our facials better
Every client is unique. They each have different issues which require different products and steps. Our reveal is our greatest asset when helping a client with finding the proper skin care routine and customizing a facial that is right for them. Our reveal helps show us what is going on underneath the skin so we can help correct the issue, prevent any further damage and maintain that healthy, luminous glow that we all strive for!